E2ReBuild Demonstrations

In E2ReBuild, seven different residential building demonstrations provide best practice examples of retrofitting strategies for buildings in cold climates, from Finland in the north to the alp region in southeast France. The demonstrator also covers different building typologies representative for northern Europe.

The aim is to reduce the energy use in the demonstration buildings to 30-50 kWh/m2a for heating, ventilation and hot water, by introducing innovative and sustainable renovation solutions.

These solutions focus on industrial manufacturing methods for e.g., facade elements and standardised retrofit measures that allow a high replication potential. That potential is estimated to up to 60 percent of the existing apartment buildings in the studied region and time period (1946-1980).

Two years in to the project the demonstration buildings are in different development phases, from planning and early constuction to completed construction and monitoring.

Augsburg demo


The Augsburg demonstration is a is a multi-storey residential building in with typical postwar characteristic features from the 60’s and early 70’s.» Read more...
Voiron demonstration, France


The demonstration in Voiron, France, is a multi-storey, concrete building with a very high energy use (average 330 kWh/m2a), built in 1961. » Read more...
Oulu demonstration, Finland


The pilot building in Oulu, Finland, was completed in 1985 according to a Finnish industrialized building system developed in the 1970's using prefabricated concrete units for residential buildings, called the "BES system". » Read more...
Demonstration Halmstad, Sweden


The demonstration in Halmstad, Sweden, is a multi-storey building from 1963 with typical features from that period e.g., reinforced concrete load bearing frame and facade elements.» Read more...
Demonstration building Munich


The Munich demonstration was a typical example of the concrete brick construction, built throughout Germany in the post-war era. » Read more...
Roosendaal demonstration, the Netherlands


The demonstration in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, consists of 70 identical single family houses built in 1960. » Read more...
Thamesmead demonstration, UK


The Thamesmead demonstration is a linear block of maisonette style dwelling accommodation, built in 1974 and located in South East London, UK.» Read more...
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