E2ReBuild - investigates, promotes, and demonstrates, cost-effective and advanced energy-efficient retrofit strategies creating added value for existing residential buildings. 

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E2ReBuild is co-financed by EU FP7

Theme EeB-ENERGY.2010.8.1-2; Demonstration of Energy Efficiency through Retrofitting of Buildings

Transforming the retrofitting construction sector! 

E2ReBuild, Industrialised energy efficient retrofitting of resident buildning in cold climate, is a European collaboration project, researching and demonstrating industrialised energy efficient retrofitting of residential buildings in cold climates.

E2ReBuild is designed to cover innovation in planning, design, technology, construction, operation and use of buildings. Seven full-scale demonstration building projects serve as prototypes for the application, evaluation and monitoring of proposed technologies and processes.

E2Rebuild aims to:

  • investigate, promote and demonstrate advanced, cost-effective, energy-efficient retrofit strategies by creating added value for existing apartment buildings and encouraging end-users to stay and build a dynamic society
  • establish and demonstrate sustainable renovation solutions that will reduce energy use
  • create an all-embracing industrialised process that minimises technical and social disturbance for tenants, facilitates energy-efficient operation and use and encourages energy-efficient behaviour

Integrated industrial plattform for energy-efficient retrofitting

An industrialised platform for energy-efficient retrofitting integrating the results achieved in the demonstrations as well as the supporting RTD work.» Read more...
European Retrofit Advisor

European Retrofit Advisor

Repair, renovate or reconstruct? The European Retrofit Advisor - an electronic decision tool for renovation strategies.» Read more...

Join the E2ReBuild discussion group

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Process Platform

Lessons learned from the E2ReBuild Projects has been put together in a Process Map.» Read more...

E2ReBuild Results

The public deliverables of the E2Rebuild Project are now accessable for downloading at the E2ReBuild web site, under Publications.» Read more...

E2ReBuild Newsletter no6

Read more about the latest development of the project demonstrations and RTD-work alongside project related news and events. » Read more...

Oulu demonstration nominated for wood construction award

E2reBuild demonstration in Oulu, Finland has been nominated for the yearly wood construction award - Puupalkinto 2013. Follow link to vote online. » Read more...

E2ReBuild demo part of architecture exhibition in Augsburg

The E2Rebuild demonstration building in Grüntenstraße, Augsburg, is featured in an exhibition on timber architecture in the Museum for Architecture in Augsburg.» Read more...
E2ReBuild – Industrialised energy efficient retrofitting of residential buildings in cold climates. Contact info@e2rebuild.eu