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BUILD UP Energy solutions for better buildings
European portal for energy efficiency in Buildings


Research projects


Advanced Low Energy Renovation of Buildings

Contact: Mark Zimmermann, EMPA-ZEN


Commonhold property renovation
Research project investigating the influence of conflicting interests in commonhold associations on maintenance and renovation of the building stock.
Contact: Amelie-Theres Mayer, HSLU-T&A/CCTP


EBOB – Energy efficient behaviour in office buildings
Creating new technical and socio-economic solutions to make energy efficient behaviour natural for the end-users in new and refurbished office buildings.

Contact: Christina Claeson-Jonsson, NCC SE


ENBUS! - Energising the building sector
European collaboration project ENBUS will spread awareness, motivation and information about energy efficiency within the building supply chain.


Enerbuild – ENERgy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in the BUILDing Sector in the Alpine Space
Promotion of energy efficient construction in the alpine space dissemination of knowledge, innovation, and technology as well as stimulation of innovative pilot projects for ESAP-buildings (energy saving and producing buildings). 
Contact: Lars Schuchert, HSLU-T&A/CCTP


IEA-ECBCS Annex 50 Prefabricated Systems for Low Energy Renovation of Residential Buildings

Contact: Mark Zimmermann, EMPA-ZEN


InPro - Open Information Environment for Knowledge-Based Collaborative Processes throughout the Lifecycle of a Building

Research project for developing and establishing a model-based and collaborative way of working in the early design phase, considering the whole life-cycle of a building

Contact: Birgitta Berglund, NCC SE


ManuBuild - Open Building Manufacturing

Research project addressing challenges in the industry in terms of modern methods of construction, greater control over process and marrying good architectural practice with offsite construction

Contact: Christina Claeson-Jonsson, NCC SE


Methodology for the implementation of solar strategies in architecture
Investigation of the potential of active and passive solar strategies for renovation of residential estates and new building replacements in urban areas as well as emerging new design strategies. 
Contact: Doris Ehrbar, HSLU-T&A/CCTP 



Aiming to create large business opportunities for SMEs in the construction sector by exploiting the newly emerging process of Collective Self-Organised (CSO) housing for constructing and retrofitting energy-efficient residential districts.


PV-NORD - Widespread Exploitation of Building Integrated Photovoltaics in the Northern Dimension of the European Union

Contact: Dan Engström, NCC SE


SQUARE - A System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Energy Efficient Buildings

Research and demonstration project aimed to assure energy efficient retrofitting of social housing with good indoor environment, in a systematic and controlled way.

Contact: Kristina Mjörnell, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden


TES Energy Facades - Multifunctional timberbased element systems for improving energy efficiency of the buiding envelope


smartTes - advancing TES Energy Facades

Contact: Frank Lattke, TUM

SanStrat – Holistic retrofit strategies for residential buildings and estates (1940-1970)
Determining energy-related and conservation-related aspects, weighting them up and developing guidelines for holistic refurbishment strategies with high added value help to limit delays in renovation and renovation backlog.
Contact: Doris Ehrbar, HSLU-T&A/CCTP

School vent Cool – Ventilation, cooling and strategies for high performance school renovations
Eracobuild project aiming at developing value adding refurbishment strategies for school buildings that meet the technical and educational needs of the future in order to achieve a high multiplication potential.
Contact: Thomas Heim, HSLU-T&A/CCTP


STEP-UP - Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning

An energy and sustainable city planning programme that aims to provide cities with the tools and approaches necessary to enhance and integrate energy planning into their sustainable city planning.


E2ReBuild – Industrialised energy efficient retrofitting of residential buildings in cold climates. Contact