The Augsburg demonstration is a multi-storey residential building in southern Germany with typical postwar characteristic features from the 60’s and early 70’s.

It had originally a heat energy demand of approximately  220 kWh/m²y due to its poor building envelope and leakages around the old windows and joints to the roof. The building is owned by public housing company WBG Augsburg.


Retrofit concept

In May 2012 the modernization of the building envelope of the E2ReBuild demo project Grüntenstraße in Augsburg has been completed.

The building has been fully retrofitted including building services and bathrooms. Residents has remianed in their apartments during the contruction work. The envelope has been retrofitted using a prefabricated envelope system based on TES EnergyFacade.

The project serves as a pilot example for the implementation of prefabricated timber elements (U-value 0,13 W/m²K) with modern highly insulated windows. Thermal bridges has been almost eliminated through integrating the balconies into the heated space.


The existing balconies were converted into winter gardens and new outdoor space between the former concrete balcony structure is created. Hence, the apartments gain extra space with and an additional room as a buffer zone and an additional exterior platform.


Facade in Augsburg, before (left) and after (right) retrofit.
Photo: Frank Lattke/ TUM

Brief facts

Year of construction: 1966

Property type: Multi-storey building

No. of dwellings: 60

Project owner: WBG Augsburg, public housing company

Energy demand (heat) befor retrofit: 220 kWh/m²y

Estimated energy demand after retrofit: 30 kWh/m²y

Construction works: Completed, May 2012


Participating E2ReBuild partners: Technical University of Munich, Gumpp & Maier GmbH, WBG Augsburg

Demonstration leader: Frank Lattke, Technical University of Munich,


Augsburg Grüntenstraße under construction

(December 2011)

The measurement of the building façade and its geometry was conducted by Gumpp & Maier on the basis of a tachymetric survey which resulted in a complete 3D CAD drawing using SEMA software. For the building envelope, a prefabricated envelope system based on TES EnergyFacade is being used. Mounting of the prefabricated façade elements with windows, insulation as well as the cladding  is almost completed.


 Left: Sebastian Hernandez of Gumpp & Maier surveying the building façade and geometry.
Right: Mounting of elements at Gruntenstrasse Photo: Frank Lattke


Making Space

(June 2012)
Not only was the building envelope enhanced by applying TES Energyfacade, a prefabricated retrofitting system, but one of the main goals became visible: the existing balconies were converted into winter gardens and new outdoor space between the former concrete balcony structure is created.

Existing balconies have been converted into winter gardens and new outdoor space between the former concrete balcony structure have been created. Photo: Frank Lattke


Guidelines to Preliminaries/Survey

Based on the demonstration project Grüntenstraße, Augsburg Germany the experience of the surveying and planning process is explained in the E2ReBuild first public deliverable “D4.1 Guidelines to Preliminaries/Survey” which gives an overview of features and guidelines of a comprehensive digital survey.


Augsburg wins HolzbauPlus Prize

(January 2013)
The Housing Association of Augsburg, WBG, was recipient of the HolzbauPlus (Timber Plus) Prize for the E2ReBuild demonstration site Grüntenstrasse 30-36, in Augsburg.
The prize was presented by the German minister of Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Ilsa Aigner on 23 January in Berlin. The national competition "HolzbauPlus" includes all aspects of building with renewable materials. WBG was awarded the prize in the „Wohnungsbau Sanierung“ (Housing renovation) category.


Inauguration ceremony 

(May 2013)
The on site construction work of the E2ReBuild demonstration Augsburg, Grüntenstraße, was finalized in spring 2013. The refurbishment of the gardens and courtyards was the last task. After nearly 2 years of works, the building was officially inaugurated on May 23rd 2013 under the presence of several high ranked representatives from the city of Augsburg and the federal state ministry for building and construction.

Mr. Gribl, the mayor of Augsburg, and Mr. Mathe, CEO of Wohnungsbaugesellschaft der Stadt Augsburg, presented flowers to a group of ladies, who had been living in the building since it has first been built in the 1960ties. Photo: Frank Lattke


National seminar

The Augsburg demonstration building, Gruntenstrasse, was exhibited 27 September - 17th of November 2013 at the Architekurmuseum Schwaben as a part of an exhibit that showcased the advantages of building with wood. The exhibition "Building with wood in the Bavarian region Swabia" then travelled in the region. An excursion and site visit to the Gruntenstrasse demo building was also part of the exhibition. The exhibition and excursion was attended by 745 people representing local stakeholders, architects, people interested in arts and architecture, school classes, students in architecture etc.

Arranged by: The Architekturmuseum Schwaben and the Netzwerk Holzbau im Wirtschaftsraum Augsburg in association with Frank Lattke, TU München


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