The demonstration in Munich, Germany, constisted of two blocks of residential multi-storey buildings in the suburb of Sendling, built in 1954. The buildings were typical examples of the concrete brick constructions, built throughout Germany in the post-war era. The buildings are owned by the public housing company GWG München.


Retrofit concept

After about one year of construction the Munich demonstration project was completed and fully occupied in the summer of 2012. The building has been fully retrofitted including the replacement of the attic by an additional floor to create more rental space. Residents has been moved out during the renovation process.The building envelope is improved by an additional layer of prefabricated insulated timber elements (U-value 0.14 W/m²K) with modern highly insulated windows. The thermal bridges was eliminated by cutting off the cantilevering concrete balconies and replacing them with free standing balconies.

Poster describing the Munich demonstration >>


 The Munich demo, before (left) and after (right) retrofit.


 The Munich demo, during retrofit


Drawings of The Munich demo


The Munich demo after retrofit


Brief facts

Year of construction: 1954

Property type: 2 Multi-storey buildings

No. of dwellings: -

Project owner: GWG München, public housing company

Energy (heat) demand befor retrofit: 220 kWh/m²y

Estimated energy demand after retrofit: 20 kWh/m²y

Construction works: Completed in 2012


Participating E2ReBuild partners: Technical University of Munich, Gumpp & Maier GmbH, SchwörerHaus KG, Lichtblau Architekten, GWG München
Demonstration leader: Frank Lattke, Technical University of Munich,


The Munich demo fully occupied

(June 2012)
The Munich demo project building is now almost finished and fully occupied. The outside facilities are at work now, the last equipment for the two years monitoring are being installed and the final accounting is on its way.


Munich demo - a reflection

(June 2013)
Three years after the initial planning started the architect Florian Lichtblau, Kaufmann.Lichtblau.Architekten BDA, reflects on the design, planning and construction of the E2REBuild demonstration building in Munich.




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