Integrated industrial plattform for energy-efficient retrofitting

The aim of this work package is to create an industrialised platform for energy-efficient retrofitting by integrating the results achieved in the demonstrations as well as the supporting RTD work.

 This platform can be compared to the technical platforms used, for example, in the automotive industry and provides a structure for product development, processes and operation. Off-site manufactured new buildings can be designed and assembled based on such a platform but in the retrofitting building sector this approach is seldom, if ever, used. By introducing this industrialised platform, the transformation of the renovation sector can be achieved. Furthermore, this is where the greatest replication potential exists.

The Industrialised Platform brings together the individual results and provides a structure for how to carry out energy-efficient retrofitting with the customer’s values as the top priority. Barriers and opportunities for introducing new technical solutions to the building sector, e.g. user behaviour, policy and regulations, will also be investigated.


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